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The Joys Of Apex began in 2019 as a tongue-in-cheek resource for the (SFDC) community to commiserate on the mutual frustrations and issues faced by everyday developers on the Salesforce platform, but it has evolved into a knowledge-base and movement for Salesforce developers who are passionate about improving the quality and runtime behavior of their code.

Utilizing some 7+ years of SFDC platform knowledge, I document the triumps and tribulations of working within a programming language lacking first-class functions, generics, and proper reflection. While those limitations are painful, they're also a significant source of focus; because the platform only allows you to do things in a certain way, there are often interesting and inspirational lessons to be learned when writing Apex.

Join me as we walk through principles like Dependency Injection, proper use of mocks within Apex, creating reusable Lightning Web Components, and much much more.

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